Honeydew Sleep is a family business in Southern California making the best pillows in the world.

Our innovative Scrumptious Side Pillow has been featured by Forbes, Allure, Apartment Therapy, Wellness Magazine, Popular Science, and many, many more top publications.

We are the ultimate manufacturer of luxury pillows and other sleep products, and have built a factory here in California where we personally manufacture all of our pillows by hand. We have a core product line that currently consists of 8 pillows, along with pillow cases, sheet sets, and silk eye masks.

Our affiliate program offers a variable commission percentage structure, with the possibility of earning between 10% and 15% on every sale depending on the type of publisher of the type of content produced that is promoting our brand. We want to reward those who truly believe in our products, and so the more you promote us, the higher your rate will be. More than anything else, we want to work with you to be successful. Please let us know how you will be promoting our products, and we can work together to find a rate that will help contribute to your success.

At Honeydew Sleep, we love people, we believe in the power of sleep, and we know we can make the world a better place - one dream at a time.

When you join our team you become a member of our family, and we look forward to providing you with the tools to earn a healthy income while helping to share our mission of better living through quality sleep. CPA 10% 30-day Cookie Window AOV 160 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to gabriel@advertisepurple.com