About Us

Founded with a triumphant goal of creating an alternative to vinyl binders and CD jewel cases that cannot be recycled, Guided Products takes a leadership role in responsibility and accountability.

Our innovative, durable products raise both brand and environmental awareness, while helping responsible organizations reduce solid waste and lower their carbon footprint.

What We Offer Our Affiliates

Make money while raising environmental awareness! We offer all of our Affiliates a generous 7% base commission on all sales generated as a result of a click from their site, and a premium commission of 10% for partner affiliates. With average web orders of $210, that means you earn $21.00 simply for posting our high quality graphic banner on your site. In addition, those clicks are tracked for up to 60 days, which means if a customer clicks today but doesn't purchase right away, you still make a commission on that sale. Join our community today and make money while raising environmental awareness!