Home Air Checkā„¢, from Prism Analytical Technologies, is a simple, accurate, and affordable do-it-yourself indoor air quality test that determines the level of chemical pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs) in home air. The test is so sensitive that it can also determine the level of actively growing mold in the home, even mold that is hidden behind walls or underneath flooring. Common products and materials found in homes, such as air fresheners, candles, cleaning supplies, personal care products, stored gasoline and fuel oil, alcohols, etc., constantly emit VOCs into the air and cause many health issues. VOCs and mold have been linked to exacerbation of asthma and allergies. In addition to determining the total levels of VOCs and actively growing mold in the home, Home Air Check identifies the potential sources of the chemical contamination so that the home occupants can take steps to remove or reduce the sources, and thereby improve the air quality. Home Air Check also can be combined with air tests for the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde and secondhand/third-hand tobacco smoke for a complete home air testing solution. Home Air Check offers $10 sales commissions.