What is Candy Club

Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! With its incredible selection of delightfully unique confections, Candy Club guarantees something new and delectable to discover in every box, and creates sweet moments to share every month!

How does the Candy Club Affiliate Program work

We will provide you with professionally designed creative assets and sets of useful text links for you to place on your site. Posting these creative assets or text links on your site lets your visitors know about our product, and informs them of any special promotions or deals we're offering. When your visitors follow the links or banners to our site and then complete a purchase, you will receive a commission.

How do I keep track of my sales and commissions

Using the ShareASale platform, you can access reports that provide information on clicks, click-throughs, orders, sales and commissions earned.

Please contact us at candyclub@smarterchaos.com you have any questions!