WORLD CONNECT HOSTING, a premier provider of fast and reliable database web hosting, Pays Lifetime Commissions to Affiliates. Get paid 25% of each client's hosting fees for life (as long as the client remains a paying customer of World Connect Hosting). This Affiliate program is managed by affiliate network. WEB HOSTING PRICING: Web Hosting Packages start at $7.50 USD per month or $75.00 per year (2 months free when paying by year) Small Business Hosting Package: $15.00 USD per month or $150.00 per year USD.(2 months free when paying by year) Small to Large Hosting Packages with ColdFusion MX Server: $22.50 USD per month or $225.00 per year USD. (2 months free when paying by year) There are never any Set-up Fees with any WORLD CONNECT HOSTING web hosting package. WORLD CONNECT HOSTING is a certified InternetSecure Merchant and accepts all major credit card payments in Canadian and American Funds. WORLD CONNECT HOSTING provides 24/7/365 CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Call our toll-free number or log onto online live support during our regular business hours (9 am -5 pm Pacific Standard Time). 24 hour E-mail support. ColdFusion MX - The New Standard , provides everything you need to quickly create a variety of applications, from advanced e-commerce websites to dynamic publishing systems. With ColdFusion MX you can easily build rich Internet applications that integrate with databases, XML, web services and more. State-of-the-art data centre: Our data centre is located in a brand new ultra modern building which provides a highly secure physical infrastructure, including the latest in security system, video surveillance and round-the-clock security officers. The centre is engineered to eliminate any single point of failure, with multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, HVAC, and fire detection and suppression. Redundant connectivity to the internet: With multiple fibre optic high performance network our servers connect directly to all major Internet backbones, effectively placing customer web servers at the core of the Internet. With redundant Internet connections, Internet traffic is automatically routed around network outages to ensure web sites hosted with WC-Hosting always have the fastest response times available.