VapeWild, a Dallas-based vapor manufacturer, retailer and distributor, seeks anyone who can work the vastly large internet and direct traffic to our site. Some people call it affiliate marketing - we call it being a part of the "Vape Wild Army!"

Are you ready to join the VapeWild Army?

How does it work?

• Sign up for free at our affiliate portal on Share-A-Sale.

• You will get an affiliate link for our program that will track users with a cookie placed in their browser.

• If that user makes a purchase within 30 days, the purchase will be registered as a sale for you.

• The sale will be reviewed and approved.

• You will then receive a commission through Share-A-Sale, depending on your account preferences with them.

How do I get started?

2. Fill out the form and wait for Share-A-Sale to approve your account. (This usually takes about 24 hours.)

3. Take your personalized affiliate link and put it on your website or just simply give it to your friends and family.

4. Every time a user purchases something on our site for a given period of time (30 days) after clicking on that link, you earn commission on that purchase.

Sign up now and start earning money by spreading the word!

Who are we?

VapeWild, LLC is comprised of, VapeWild Wholesale, and VapeWild brick-and-mortar locations. VapeWild is a passionate brand that specializes in making affordable e-liquid and the distribution of quality vapor hardware. VapeWild is one of the fastest growing vapor companies globally and prides themselves on their commitment to people. Boasting a 24-hour turnaround and free priority shipping for all domestic orders above $39.99 USD. VapeWild also provides 30 mL of bonus e-liquid on orders over $15 and creates custom artwork upon request!

When VapeWild says their commitment is to people, they do not just mean customers. Their employees come from every background imaginable, and all of these unique personalities and experiences contribute to VapeWild’s “X-factor”. Their motto is to be “serious about vaping, and not much else!”

VapeWild’s e-liquids are handcrafted by their in-house mixologists that work to provide great quality product at an even better price point at just $6.99 for each 30ml bottle. Their products are sourced from the USA and are made just outside of Dallas, TX.

VapeWild takes pride in being a leader in a developing industry. They aim to raise the bar for their competitors, whether this is in technological advances, new product introductions, or just doing something WILD on YouTube.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have an e-cig related blog, forum, or webpage, consider joining our Vape Wild Army and create your own platoon. We offer a very high conversion and returning customer rate.

Let The Cash Roll In…

How much can you expect to make in the Vape Wild Army? It's sorta up to you. Generally speaking, probably more than nothing, Specifically, this much:

• 10% standard commission for approved orders
• 30 Day Cookie
• Samples, if you want to try our product
• Banner Ads
• Datafeed
• Frequent communications from our team

The Bad stuff:

VapeWild cannot provide a commission to affiliates on dealer orders or self-placed orders. If you receive a click that results in a dealer placing an order, we cannot provide commission on that order, bummer. This will result in the order being marked as "Non-Qualified". This is due to problems with dealers creating their own affiliate links, clicking on those links to place orders and getting commission along with their dealer discount.

TM+ bidding is prohibited (paid ads). Promoting coupon codes that were not given directly to you by VapeWild Promotions is prohibited. 

By applying to the VapeWild affiliate program, you agree to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the United States government. These regulations include proper advertising guidelines and federal age restrictions. You must not be under age 18 to market this product. Failure to comply with regulations may result in your affiliate relationship being terminated and other further action as needed.