Ritual is a health meets technology company that believes in quality, traceability and ingredients that work best in the body. After becoming pregnant, Ritual founder Katerina Schneider inspected all of her products with fresh eyes–from her cleaning supplies to her deodorant–to eliminate harmful chemicals and questionable ingredients. But during her search for a clean prenatal multivitamin, she noticed that many of the top and most suggested brands actually contain potentially harmful colorants, hidden and misleading ingredients, and unproven dosages. So she decided to do something about it. Led by an evidence-based or bust mentality, Ritual’s scientists sifted through thousands of independent research studies to determine the nutrients included in its products. The team then selected forms of each nutrient backed by a significant body of research. In keeping with the brand’s rejection of pseudoscience and commitment to transparency, Ritual has made key research studies that informed the team’s choices available on its website. Ritual was born out of the belief that better health begins with better ingredients. Ritual sources essential nutrients straight from suppliers to combine clean and absorbable ingredients at a fair price, offered direct-to-consumer at Ritual.com. Customers are charged monthly and can skip or cancel anytime. We are proud to offer a robust ambassador program–earnings are tracked with a unique URL used in your promotions. We supply you with everything you need to get started: copy to editorialize, images, links and a suggested promotion schedule. It’s important to us to build a community of value-aligned ambassadors to support Ritual, and in return we want to support you too. You can learn more about us at www.ritual.com.