About Kidzlane

AT KIDZLANE™, FUN RUNS IN THE FAMILY. You know firsthand how shopping for better kids toys can involve complex choices. We are parents, too, and have set out to make raising your children – as well as our own – all fun and games.

There is so much more to toys than the entertainment factor alone. We all want our children to enjoy happy playtime that is safe, age-appropriate, educational, affordable, and loads of fun. So at KidzLane™, we meet all these benchmarks in every one of our toy

The baby’s playthings should have no small pieces. Toys for the toddler must be strong enough to withstand repeated happy use. And the teen needs gadgets that hold up to an active, developing lifestyle. So when we design and manufacture our KidzLane™ products, we don’t play around with quality control. We place great emphasis on using kid-friendly materials and following a strong, reliable build plan.

No two kids are alike. And just a matter of a year up or down can dictate what toys are appropriate for your child. The KidzLane™ catalogue is therefore channeled through five individual toy brands, each with its own collection of toys uniquely suited to a particular category of child. What this means for you is a diverse selection ranging from the toddler’s sing-along music player to the teen’s remote-controlled racer vehicles.

The greatest lessons are often taught through everyday activities. With KidzLane™ toys, your child will gain educational values by way of playing with their favorite toys. Things like motor skill, spatial awareness, mathematics, and eye-hand coordination are all addressed with our quality playtime products. Choose to bring the KidzLine™ lineup into your home and school, and watch your children blossom.

We strongly believe in the “quality over quantity” ideal. Though we strive to bring you our wares at affordable prices, we never ever want to sacrifice the strength and durability of our toys. That’s why we invest the time and money to develop each product at KidzLane™ standards, and only then do we work with our manufacturers overseas for volume production. Like we said: Quality first. Then quantity.

The biggest contributor to better playtime is child-parent interaction. When we chose our company slogan, “Where fun never ends™”, we thought deeply and seriously about the enjoyment our toys bring not only to kids of all ages, but to their parents as well. It is our company mission to connect families through games and toys of a higher caliber, and we are happy to provide endless fun the entire family can enjoy.