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The Company

FINALLY! An easy way to buy a custom RV mattress! RV's are notorious for having ridiculously horrible mattresses! Replacements are extremely hard to find. Tochta has solved this problem with our easy to use "custom mattress builder" at, which let's anyone enter their custom dimensions and/or special cuts for their RV mattress, and receive an INSTANT QUOTE! No more driving from store to store searching for someone...anyone... who can make their custom size RV mattress. No long online forms to fill out, no back-and-forth email conversations, no hidden fees! They get their INSTANT QUOTE, which includes FREE shipping. Upon checkout, their custom mattress is made within 2-3 days, packaged & compressed, and shipped in a box (FREE) via UPS ground. Most mattresses arrive within 10 days of order placement.

Tochta Mattresses are made in the USA, using highly resilient foams, latex, and Gel Visco memory foams. RV owners take pride in their mobile "home away from home", and want the best quality for a fair price. Tochta is a one of a kind mattress solution for them! Your commission is $30 each, with tiered bonus structures to make up to $110 for EACH SALE, with NO LIMITS!

Program Highlights
  • $30 commission each sale
  • 180 day tracking gap
  • Banners, Datafeeds, & Coupon codes too
Product Preview
Journey Cortana Utopia
  • Gel Visco comfort
  • 3 layer construction
  • Amazing value
  • Available in any size or shape
  • Latex comfort layer
  • FIRM level support
  • 3 layer luxury firm
  • Available in any size or shape
  • Gel visco luxury comfort
  • Superior Latex support
  • 4 layer progressive support
  • Available in any size or shape
Contact Information

RV owners have been thrilled with our easy solution! We are proud of this service which we provide to them and know you will be pleased with the big commission potential of becoming an Affiliate! Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

Brian Gargalis
ph: 951-371-8045