Tribe West: Inspiring homes, Empowering artisans.

Tribe West is a California brand with a mission to make fashion-forward, socially conscious products for the entire family. We create unique designs inspired by enduring and contemporary themes and partner with artisan cooperatives in the developing world for designs inspired by local and traditional crafts. Our artisan partners earn a percentage of the sales of their designs, and a percentage of Tribe West proceeds supports artisans, women and children in traditional and marginalized communities.

The growth of today’s artisan sector is driven by socially and environmentally conscious consumers and increased international demand for distinctive, hand-made products. Tribe West helps artisans meet this demand by matching our line of home goods with their unique, artisanal designs.

Our primary customer base is comprised of parents of young children, particularly the sub-group who are design-oriented and/or environmental or socially conscious. Important secondary customers include:
• Home and group exercise and yoga practitioners.
• Single professionals seeking unique, conscious décor.

Our flagship product playmats have an array of unique competitive advantages:

• Our design and social enterprise model remains a unique value addition in the consumer goods sector as we partner with developing country artisans to license their designs to be incorporated as prints on our products.
• We are recognized as one of the few sophisticated and stylish playmat and family homegood brands on the market.
• Our 100% natural rubber and Portuguese cork mat is the only all-natural, cushioned playmat option on the market. These materials give our mats both environmental and hygienic advantages over the synthetic foam puzzle piece mats that dominate the market.
• The roll out portability and functionality of our mats makes them more portable than the ubiquitous, puzzle-style mats, and is also familiar to most consumers who have used yoga mats.
• Accordingly, our mats are much more versatile than standard mats, making them appealing to secondary target customers without children.

Our average sale amount is $120, 10% of which we offer for our affiliates' commission.