Welcome to the ImSoAlpha.com Affiliate Program!

ImSoAlpha.com - We strive to help you be the best you, you can be. To achieve this goal we provide industry-leading performance & wellness supplements, that encourage optimal performance and optimal health lifestyles. By joining, you’ll be taking the right steps to Become an #OptimalAlpha. 

Earn commissions by recommending the best performance and wellness supplement products to your visitors or clients.

We are looking for affiliates located in the United States –in particular, those that focus on fitness, nutrition, performance, and wellness as well as promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle– to join our Affiliate Program. As a member of the program, you can earn a commission when your visitors purchase from one of the stores you've been approved access.

At ImSoAlpha.com, we strive to be an indispensable resource to the customers we serve. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, provide friendly customer support, and offer informative data from knowledgable product specialists. Our products and services are meant for everyone, men and women, young and mature, new or experienced so that they have the best quality tools to help achieve their performance and health goals and live their passion.

Become one of our affiliate partners and get paid to refer customers to us. It's easy and free to join!

The ImSoAlpha.com affiliate program includes a variety of performance and wellness supplement products developed to improve and support: Performance, Strength, Diet, Nutrition, Recovery, Energy and Endurance.

As a ImSoAlpha.com Affiliate, you can enjoy:

Standard and Custom Creatives

We know that you need great tools to make the most of your promotion of our programs. This is why we offer custom co-branded banners and landing pages which often include special discounts for your visitors or customers. Creatives will be updated frequently, with private access to an image repository for qualied affiliates, useful for creating your own custom ads using our approved resources.

All custom created ads, whether text, image, video or other digital media need prior approval. We appreciate that some promoters have better responses when they create ads that fit their audience needs. Feel free to use approved resources from our image bank to create custom images however approval is required for any custom images representing our brands and products. As long as it's in good taste, let us check it out. We're pretty open to new ideas.

Paid Search Policy

Bidding on any ImSoAlpha.com brand-related names, domains, or product terms, including misspellings and variations, is not allowed.

Otherwise, affiliates are encouraged to bid on non-trademarked terms in paid search.

Dedicated Affiliate Support

For questions or support please email: