BECOME A LITTLE FEMINIST INFLUENCER/AFFILIATE is a children’s book subscription and publishing house. Every month, thousands of families receive Little Feminist's 1-2 book picks, which focus on Own Voices stories featuring strong female characters and Black, Indigenous, people of color. Little Feminist's books-of-the-month are selected by a team of educators, who then create discussion questions and a DIY activity to accompany each book. In 2020 Little Feminist started publishing their own board books when Little Feminist saw unacceptable gaps in the children's book market. HOW IT WORKS We provide you with unique links and exclusive discounts to share with your community. Each link is tracked, and for every sale you make you earn a commission. We cannot reward you for any gift card purchases. Influencers and affiliates will be evaluated each year and will be invited into the next year's program accordingly. HOW TO APPLY Simply complete the signup process below. If you have an account already, sign in and search for Little Feminist.
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