Developed by global leaders in canine genetics, Embark Veterinary helps dog owners better understand and care for their pets with the world's most accurate dog DNA test. Our mission is to make scientific discoveries that improve the lives of all dogs. Embark Dog DNA Test offers multiple options: Breed ID, Breed + Health, and Purebred Tests. We test for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties and reveal insights on your dog’s ancestry. And we can screen for 230+ genetic health risks and 35+ physical traits. We also offer products that provide insight into your dog’s microbiome. Our DNA test chip, developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, analyzes over 230,000 genetic markers – that’s twice as much genetic information as any other dog DNA test. Embark Dog DNA Test highlights include: Tests for 350+ breeds, types and varieties more breeds than any other dog DNA test Analyzes over 230K genetic markers Developed by veterinarians Results in 2-4 weeks Screens for 230+ health risks Most scientifically advanced dog DNA test available World’s first canine DNA relative finder Most accurate dog DNA test on the market Breed + Health Kit is the highest-reviewed dog DNA test on the market* *on leading consumer sites like
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