Hello! Welcome to the Embark Affiliate Program. We are excited to have you in the program and apart of Embark. Here is some helpful info on Embark as well as some recent news features. Curious what breeds make up your dog? Or would you like to find out if your dog has a healthy future? Embark provides the most accurate and comprehensive dog DNA test service available. Using 100x more genetic information that other tests, Embark offers the most accurate breed identification so you can find out exactly what breeds are in your pup! Included in this advanced kit is over 170 genetic health tests, telling you if your dog is predisposed to a health risk so you and your vet can provide the best health care possible. This all-in-one genetic test also provides over a dozen trait tests, predicted adult weight, genetic age, a custom vet report, so, your vet can use the results to help them treat your pet, and our DNA test includes access to your dog's relatives with the world's only canine relative finder! Embark in the News: •NBC Boston - https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/Doggy-DNA-Could-your-Bulldog-Be-Part-Chihuahua-490293111.html •Inside Edition - https://www.insideedition.com/dog-dna-parties-becoming-new-trend-owners-looking-discover-pets-heritage-45767 •Embark Donates to 6 Shelters across 3 States! - https://embarkvet.com/embark-donates-to-6-shelters-across-3-states/ For being an affiliate / influencer, we are offering you up to 10% commission on every order that is generated. Embark also has a high AOV of $179-$200 If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to us at jbarr@embarkvet.com. Sincerely, Embark Affiliate Team
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