At Freedom Electric Marine, we make and sell the world's best small water fishing boat, the Twin Troller. We have been an ecommerce company since 2008 and are looking to expand our market reach through this amazing opportunity. We are offering a flat commission for referrals that lead to the sale of our boat. The program is tiered with different achievable levels to increase your rewards. We start out with a $100 commission for each boat sold and it goes up from there. The tiers are lifetime levels, meaning they never reset and once you hit the next tier, you never go back to a lower tier. Here is the breakdown: Tier 1 - Boats 1-3, $100 commission per boat for a total earnings of $300 for the tier. Tier 2 - Boats 4-10, $150 commission per boat for a total earnings of $1,050 for the tier. Tier 3 - Boats 11+, $200 commission per boat for unlimited earning potential. Qualifying orders must include a boat in the purchase. Order that are only for accessories or parts will not earn commission. We only sell to the US market and can ship to all states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. See our shipping policy here: Our product is unique in the marketplace. There is no other boat like ours. Some of the key differentials are: *Built-in recessed electric motors, *Hands free foot pedal control system, *Zero-turning radius for unmatched maneuverability, *Industry leading stability due to the patented design of the recessed cavities under the boat.
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